Success Stories – Length

Amazing Progress
“For years my hair was shoulder length and limp. I’ve used your product for about nine months and can’t believe the progress. It’s grown 6-10 inches, and is thicker and healthier.” – S.L

SULU Max Gro is Great
“I’ve been using SULU Max Gro for six months and I just wanted to say how great the product has been for me. I started using it to grow out my shoulder-length hair. I use the product twice a week and have gotten four inches of solid growth. Thanks again for an amazing product.” – E.C.

SULU Really Works

“I have been using SULU Max Gro for almost a year. I had hair loss and bald spots from chemical relaxers and hair color. I cut my hair to a half-inch length a year ago and now my hair is back to my shoulders. Thanks SULU for a great product, I will continue to use it. My sister is so impressed with my hair she’s going to try it.” – A.S.

Happy With SULU

“My hair has grown by leaps and bounds. I’m so pleased!” – C.B.

Fast Growth
“My hair has always been down my back since high school, but I got it cut and have had a hard time getting it back to the length that it was. So, I started taking different kinds of hair vitamins; but only saw a little growth. Then I started looking up products and shampoos that would help me out. I found SULU Max Gro pop up on the pages along with many other products, but SULU is the one that caught my attention. What makes this product so good is that all you need is 1 product for fast hair growth, I was convinced and excited! I began using SULU Max Gro in the beginning of November 2010 and my hair has grown three inches in two months. My family was amazed and wanted to know what I was using; so now they are using it as well! Thank you SULU!” – T.X.

Wonder Treatment
“Your oil has done wonders for my hair. It has definitely made my hair grow, and I will continue to use it for many years to come. I started using it on my daughter’s hair, and I hope it will do the same for her as it has done for me. Thank you sooooo much for this product… It has been the answer to my prayers.” – D.A.

Awesome Results
“Well after one week, I measured a 1/2 -inch of new growth. You guys are AWESOME!” – J.R.

SULU Really Works

“This product works like I’ve never seen. I’ve tried every other product imaginable, and none worked but (yours).” – K.L.C.

Quick Results
“I have new growth after just two days! I am so happy to have found something that works. I’m wondering should I keep this to myself as my little secret or should I tell my sisters and friends? Great product…I’m so excited!” – C.P.

For Everyday Use
“I used SULU Max Gro faithfully every day until I got to the length that I was happy with. After that I began using it about every week or so. It took about a month to see about two inches more longer. SULU definitely helps grow hair longer twice/triple as fast!! And just a little bit goes a long way. Just one next day after use I noticed silkiness right away, thus eliminating the frizziness. I love SULU and will continue to use it. Use SULU!!!!” — M.G.

Maximum Growth
“In my quest for longer hair I happened to stumble on SULU Max Gro — lucky me! My ultimate goal was to give my hair a break, and find one product to meet my growth needs, not five separate items. Not only did I gain a consistent growth of about .75 inches each month, it also served as an excellent detangler for my new growth. I am so excited to find one growth solution that actually delivers on its promises.” – E.G.

Fast Growth
“My hair grew so fast and there’s hardly any grey. It must’ve grown an inch to an inch and a half.” – D.B.

More Growth
“There is noticeable hair growth and I’m certain that it will soon be past my elbows.” – Y.L

Thankful For SULU
“I love SULU Max Gro. It made my hair grow thick and long in a short period of time. I can see this being a BIG part of my regimen. Even my dad wants to use it to clear up his bald spot. I am very thankful for SULU Max Gro and anyone who uses it wisely will be too. I used it two to three times a week and I got great growth. THANK YOU SULU!!” – O.A.

Miracle Worker
“I buy this for my mother. She lost a lot of her hair due to a thyroid disorder and SULU is the only thing that has made her hair grow back. It’s such a miracle.” – L.Y.


Success Stories – Thickness

SULU is Wonderful
“I just wanted to say that (your product) is wonderful. I’ve had some bad patches and hair lost. I’ve been using (this) for about six months, and now my hair has completely filled in and has grown tremendously.”– K.C.

Unbelievable Results
“My mother couldn’t believe how much my hair has grown! She kept asking me if it was my hair! She was so used to me wearing weaves or wigs, it was too hard for her to imagine that it was my REAL hair. Also, because of your great product, my sister is using it too and she is seeing her bald spots coming in. Thank you for a great product! Thanks to you, I can throw away my wigs!!!” – J.W.

Results in a Week
“I can’t believe it. I SEE GROWTH. It has only been one week. This is great stuff. I can’t wait to see how much growth I will have after using Max Gro for a month. I use it every other day. Wonderful product.” – A.D.

Max Gro is the Best
“This is the best hair solution ever!! I’ve gotten compliments from friends and family members saying that my hair has become much thicker. I will continue to use this product!! Thanks SULU!” – N.R.

Rapid Growth
“I used to have very thick hair, so thick that I couldn’t find proper scrunchies. Because of stress and shock, my hair got thin to the point that you’re able to see my scalp all over. I tried everything you can think of, and then found SULU Max Gro. I didn’t use it frequently, but saw the growth of new hair rapidly. Feeling and seeing new hair is a great thing. Trust me.” – I.H.

Lots of Hair
“I had tried other hair re-growth formulas in college, with no result. Look at the change in just 2 months of using Max Gro! After four months, there’s not a single spot of my scalp not covered by hair! Thanks!!!” – B.H.

Hair Back to Normal
“I am a middle-aged male who has been informed by my friends that I am starting a “folicly-challenged” spot on the top of my head. I have used M-T-G products on my pets and have heard that some people have had success with it for hair growth. I called your office one afternoon and talked to one of your staff. I was pleased to find out that you now have SULU, designed specifically for people. I ordered a bottle (fast delivery) and started treating the top and the front of my head three times a week. In four weeks, I couldn’t believe the improvement on the top of my head. It is back to normal. Thanks for your help.” – M.Y.

Results in Three Weeks
“My hair has grown noticeably in the three weeks since I started using (your product). My hair was super short for about two years, and I started to grow it just before summer. The middle and middle-back have been the last to fill in, and in three weeks, they have done so nicely. (It) is working for me, and I will continue using it. Someone who saw me and my “new” hair three weeks ago said to me how it’s grown since the last time we saw each other. That’s nice!” – N.O.

Thicker and Fuller Hair
“…Your product has my hair so full and thick! It is like I woke up one morning and shazamm! I wear wigs so I didn’t realize how wonderfully fast my hair had started to grow. Thank you so much for your product.” – B.R.

Thicker and Stronger Hair
“I’ve been trying to grow my hair back after a major haircut. I decided to look for a product to assist with my hair growth. I found SULU Max Gro. This product has made my fine hair thicker and stronger. I have not experienced any type of hair breakage. Thank you for making a great product.” – L.N.

Boost in Self-esteem
“In 2009 my beautician decided, without my knowledge, to use a different relaxer. My hair has always been very thick prior to that. When I got home, I could see my scalp on the sides and I had a lot of breakage. I was so upset and self-conscious because my hair has always been something I am proud of. I was always in tears when I looked at my hair. My mom discovered SULU Max Gro and told me about it. So I ordered some too. I use it two times a week and my new growth is coming in thick and healthy and I have good hair growth. Two inches on one side and the other side has 3-1/2 inches in about three months. This hair growth has only started since using your product!! My friend is using the product too and we are just spreading the word, because people have noticed the difference in my hair. Thank you very much for offering this great product! I got my self esteem back!” – T.T.


Success Stories – Skin Issues

Feeling the Love for SULU
“I’m happy to say that your product got me to where I am today. When I first started using the product, I used it to help my hair grow. It did that and more. It cleared up a scar that I had on my ear (it drips down), and it also cleared up my psoriasis. I love this product!!! It has really saved my life. I’ve suffered for years with this scalp condition. Thank you so much!”– R.S.

Thanks a Bunch SULU
“Thank you so much for making SULU Max Gro! I had a severe problem with Psoriasis on my scalp. I had raw spots and scabs and nothing I tried (not even the $60.00 prescription from my Dermatologist) made it go away. Then I tried Max Gro and it is now completely gone! No raw spots, scabs or constant itching anymore! When I feel my scalp starting to itch, I apply Max Gro just once and the itch goes away. Thank you can’t express my happiness at the relief that I have received but Thank you…thank you…thank you!” – A.G.

Tremendous Relief With SULU
“I am a 53 year-old male Native American Blackfoot Indian with very long hair. By nature I have a very dry scalp, and extremely dry skin. Certain shampoos and conditioners tend to dry out my scalp making it itchy and irritable. I discovered SULU Max Gro, and after only ONE application I found tremendous relief. No more dry and irritable scalp. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! I will be telling all my friends to try it as well!” – B.N.

SULU Saved My Scalp
“I’m 31 yrs. old and have suffered with seborrehic dermatitis (extreme case of dandruff) since I was a teenager. It was almost like I had scabs on my scalp without the sore. It was that bad! My dandruff was in my eyebrows too and no matter how well I washed my hair it seemed to come back right away. I tried everything from medicated shampoos to special hair treatments and nothing worked except for SULU Max Gro. I noticed a difference after about a week or two! It totally improved my scalp causing my hair to grow like crazy! Longer hair can be achieved with a healthy scalp, and I achieved a healthy scalp with SULU Max Gro. This is REAL..not a gimmick or a scam. Thank you SOOOOOO much SULU!!!” – N.J.


Success Stories – Manageability

SULU is Super
“I want to tell you that I am super excited about SULU Max Gro! I’ve just purchased (this) a few days ago and I must say that it’s AWESOME for conditioning and straightening of natural (non relaxed no chemical) hair! I was so excited when I purchased the product that I instantly coated my scalp and hair with it. My fingers slipped right through like no product ever had. Later in the evening my hair had a bit of a puff to it from the rainy day before. So, I took a blow dryer through it just to warm the hair for smoothing. Smoothing is just what it did. And it was straighter with this product than any other product out there for heat straightening. This is an all in one for natural, chemical-free kinky hair!” – L.P.

Incredible Hair Growth
“My hair grew incredibly fast with SULU! My hair was dry and frizzy before use, now it is lustrous, shiny, silky and grew half as twice faster! I keep buying SULU because it is the only product that meets its expectations!!” – M.G.

SULU for Beautiful Hair
“I have been using (this) since 2004. My hair was thin and shoulder length (then). Now my hair is so thick, that when I wrap my hair, it has swing and body. And it’s all the same length, not broken off in spots. It’s also very good for blow-drying your hair straight without using a lot of heat. I have been telling my friends ever since, and now they are satisfied ladies with beautiful hair too. They would ask me before, how is it that I can cut my hair one month and a couple of months later it is back to the length before I cut it. I thank you sooooooo much and I will continue to be a very happy customer. I have stopped buying hair from the beauty shops because my hair is all my OWN. Long, full and healthy. Thanks.” – J.R.