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SULU for Men SULU Max Gro - Join the Movement...It's Growing

SULU for Men

Let’s face it… in this day and age men want to look as good as the woman that are with them. SULU for Men is the answer you’ve been looking for to gain that edge.

Thanks a Bunch SULU
“Thank you so much for making SULU Max Gro! I had a severe problem with Psoriasis on my scalp. I had raw spots and scabs and nothing I tried (not even the $60.00 prescription from my Dermatologist) made it go away. Then I tried Max Gro and it is now completely gone! No raw spots, scabs or constant itching anymore! When I feel my scalp starting to itch, I apply Max Gro just once and the itch goes away. Thank you can’t express my happiness at the relief that I have received but Thank you…thank you…thank you!” – A.G.

Lots of Hair
“I had tried other hair re-growth formulas in college, with no result. Look at the change in just 2 months of using Max Gro! After four months, there’s not a single spot of my scalp not covered by hair! Thanks!!!” – B.H.

Hair Back to Normal
“I am a middle-aged male who has been informed by my friends that I am starting a “folicly-challenged” spot on the top of my head. I have used M-T-G products on my pets and have heard that some people have had success with it for hair growth. I called your office one afternoon and talked to one of your staff. I was pleased to find out that you now have SULU, designed specifically for people. I ordered a bottle (fast delivery) and started treating the top and the front of my head three times a week. In four weeks, I couldn’t believe the improvement on the top of my head. It is back to normal. Thanks for your help.” – M.Y.